Orientation Materials

This page hosts all orientation materials for new students.  All forms are expected to be filled out and returned to the Main Office, with the exception of the opt-0ut forms.  Opt out forms do not need to be filled out, unless you would not like to receive those services.

Due to the numerous financial backers, we are respectfully requesting media release forms be signed.  We frequently have media requests, and this will help us to effectively bring grants and programs into the school.  It is in our best interest to show off the good works that occur in our school.

Neighborhood Trip Permission Slip is included in the new student packet.  Our teachers would like to take the children outside to learn the content at applicable points.  This allows us to take a walking tour of the neighborhood for educational purposes within 6 blocks of Jamaica, with a teacher’s supervision, at any time during the school day.

Incoming Student Packet 6th  (Updated June 5, 2012)

Incoming Student Packet 9th (Updated June 5, 2012)

For ALL families (grade 6 & 9) to fill out and return to QC

For HS families regarding s3xual health information and services

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to email our Parent Coordinator, Mr. Erskine at MrErskine@queenscollegiate.org

Have a great summer!


152 Responses to Orientation Materials

  1. safka says:

    hey. i am a soon too be 9th grader at QC and im confused about the dress code and at the first day of school do you have to have the school logo sign printed on the shirt ?????

    • Hi Safka,
      Sorry to confuse you. You do not need to have it printed on the shirt. At orientation, we will give you two patches for free. You can buy additional patches for $5 each. Patches are generally sewn or ironed on to the shirt. This allows you to buy dress code colored clothing from any store of your choice.

      If you have further questions, please don’t hesitate to ask. We are more than willing to help.

      • Adanna says:

        so does this mean that we can wear any white or navy shirt to school and it doesnt have to be a polo or button down?

      • Hi Adanna,
        Good question. It absolutely has to have a collar and be professional. Girls have worn women’s dress shirts or other appropriate shirts that are white, royal or navy. I’ll create a post in the next day or two with samples of other appropriate options for girls that are not polo or button down. Please know that we try to give you some freedom and latitude, but there will not be many other options for a variety of reasons (I’ll show that in the blog post also).
        Mrs. Dubei

      • Christal says:

        Umm….i’m going to be new to the school and I was wondering if we get to wear anything to school or we have to uniform of any col0r with a collar and things like that???

      • Hi Christal!

        You need to wear dress code appropriate clothing. That means it needs to have a collar (like a polo or a button down shirt) with khaki or navy pants everyday. You can select from a navy, white or royal blue shirt. Jeans are only allowed on Friday.

  2. terlese latmore says:

    hi, could someone please post a list of what needs to be bought for the new school term for 9th graders. e.g. stationary, books, etc…..

  3. khadija says:

    Hi,i am a soon too be 9th grader at QC and i would like to know if the students get there own lockers and if so do the school allow them to decorate the inside?????

  4. Ryan says:

    Hi, My name is Ryan Rambharose and i was wondering if i cud joint queens collegiate for the 9th grade when school starts.if you need any information it waz already posted!

  5. Parent says:

    What is the venue for the Living Enviornment Regents in August?

  6. Lydia Milian says:

    when exactly is orientation for the 9th graders so that I would have time to ask for that day off.also how would I find out which class he goes to and if in fact you accepted him. we did receive a letter from the school but this is all new to me.

    • Dear Ms. Millian,
      9th grade orientation is Thursday, 9/2 from 10-12noon. Only your child needs to attend the student orientation though, as we use that time to meet with their advisory and get acclimated to the school prior to the first day. Parent orientation is Tuesday, 9/14 in the evening.

      If you received a letter from the school, then your child is accepted. He will take the next logical course based upon his academic record. Most freshmen take HS English, Global History 1, Living Environment, Integrated Algebra, French or Spanish I, and gym or swim. If he has taken the Regents exam in one or more of these classes, then he is eligible for the next class (i.e. geometry if he passed algebra already). If you have further questions, please feel free to call 718-658-4016 during working hours and one of us can discuss this with you in more depth.

  7. Mr. Avan says:

    My daughter lost her ID card recently as she was a student in 9th grade now in 10th. When can she re-take her photo or get a new card?

  8. Kevin says:

    Hello. I can’t understand the supply list for the 9th grade. Its very confusing. Can you please order, like how much notebooks or soo we need for the overall classes. Instead of posting what we need for separably

    • Hi Kevin,
      Sorry about the confusion. Most freshmen will be taking advisory, gym, HS algebra, Living Environment, Global History with Mr. Chickerie, HS English, and either Spanish or French.

  9. Ms. Hamilton says:

    Please provide the ARIS website information. Thanks you.

  10. mary delacruz says:

    do students have to use the uniform the first day of school or are they allowed to use normal clothing?

  11. Bibi says:

    When is 6th grade orientation, please provide feedback, and for the soccer when you say ‘All freshmen are eligible’ does this include 6th graders?

    • Dear Bibi,
      6th grade orientation for students is September 2, from 10-12noon. Parent orientation is September 14 in the evening.

      Currently the sports that are beginning are for HS students. We will begin middle school sports during the school year.

  12. Mrs. Spivey says:

    Do the students have to be in uniform on the day of their orientation?

  13. Mrs. Spivey says:

    For new students and their parents, how do we obtain a student ID # and login information and password for ARIS?

    • The DOE office at 94-23 Sutphin Blvd (just north of Jamaica Ave) is providing that information during the summer months. Once school begins, we will have your access information. Unfortunately, we don’t have it yet.

  14. tionne says:

    hi ! I would like to go Queens Colleigate , so if go to orientation I might be able join. I really want to this school . I heard its a nice school

  15. tionne says:

    hi! Would the 6th graders be able to be in any sports .

  16. Warren Green says:

    I am supposed to go to Queens Collegiate for the 6th grade. I got the letter with the school clothing and my schedule. There was a survey about “What is your favorite subject and why?” I was supposed to send it to the school by June 25th or something near that date, but I never sent it in. My guidance counselor I didn’t need to bring it in and I am still going to that school. I just want to know is it actually true and did I have to bring that slip in .

  17. akram says:

    hi my name is akram i orderd my son uniform 2 weeks ago and i still didnt recive any letter from the mail so then what do i do about this.

    • Hi Akram,

      I recommend that you contact Skip, the uniform seller to confirm that he received the order and to find out about shipping. If your son does not have his uniforms for the first day of school, do your best to put him in something that is blue and white. I would anticipate that if Skip has received the order, you will have them for certain by Monday, 9/13.

  18. Mrs. Spivey says:

    What are the rules about students having cell phones?? My child was told at orientation that cell phones were not allowed in the building, Although I agree cell phones should not be used during school hours, but when my child is released from school I need to be able to reach her and vice versa to assure her safety and in the case of any emergency. So as a parent concerned about her child and being able to reach her or her me after she’s left school and is traveling, what do we do???

  19. Patricia says:

    What are the rules about students having cell phones? My child was told at orientation that cell phones were not allowed in the building, Although I agree cell phones should not be used during school hours, but when my child is released from school I need to be able to reach her and vice versa to assure her safety and in the case of any emergency. So as a parent concerned about her child and being able to reach her or her me after she’s left school and is traveling, what do we do?

    • As a parent myself, I completely understand where you are coming from. Unfortunately, cell phones are not allowed in the building at all, according to the Chancellor’s regulations. Our office phones are open for student use at any time after school hours to call parents. Many of our students work with each other to leave their phones at friend’s homes nearby the school, or at some of the local establishments that hold cell phones during school hours.

  20. ray says:

    hi i finished 10 grade from other country, now i am thinking to join QC for 11 grade so what i have to do admission.

    • Hi Ray,

      Thank you for considering QC. To register in that instance, you would need to go to 90-27 Sutphin Blvd, near Jamaica Ave, to OSEPO (Office of Student Enrollment and Placement) to register for high school. If there is a seat available here, then they will refer you to us. You will need to bring the documents found on this site, to register at Sutphin Blvd.

  21. student says:

    hi i got phone call from someone i think it child serive called me about attendance and they was saying something but i didnt understand what was they saying

  22. raima says:

    hi, i am going ot join the school for 9tyh grade. i am sort of confused. In my current school, i have to take the living Env. regents and the algebra regents. What exactly will happen to my schedule. I also would like to go for the track team. On the paper that was sent, it says the permission slip for it is on the blog but i cant find it any where.

  23. Hello, I’m going to the school next year and I would like to know if we are going to get student ID cards and if we do when will we get them ? 🙂

    • Hello Marilin,

      You will get student ID cards within the first week of school. It’s important to carry it with you at all times, especially to get into the building in the morning, into the lunchroom and into the locker rooms.

  24. Sasita says:

    Hi, I’m a mother of student who got accepted to your school & I was just wondering how many students are there in 9th grade, and how many students are there in your class. thank you for your time .

    • Hello,
      Our 9th grade class is comprised of 81 students, on average. We strive for class size of 27 students, although some classes tend to be much smaller and a few are larger. Our smallest classes this year were 10-15, where we had at least 4 classes this size.

  25. student says:


    we want miss vailabla for next year the one who is student teacher
    thank you

  26. Melly says:

    Does each grade have to wear a specific color out of the white, navy and royal blue or we could wear any color from the white, navy and royal blue?

    • Hi Melly,
      You can choose. While we think a uniform is important because it sets the tone, we also want you to be your own individual and express yourself through appropriate clothing.

  27. Akera says:

    What if the form Queens collegiate sent us was Misplaced qnd Youy doint bring it at orientation, what do The students do.?

  28. student says:

    hey i have question is there global regents in august those student fail the exam they have to take in auguust again

    thank you

  29. kimberly says:

    hiii. um i wanted to know if you could please tell me what color pants us students have to wear ??
    – thanks. 🙂

  30. Wenwu howard says:

    Hi I’m Wenwu and I made a 63 on my algebra regents the results haven’t been giving back to us but it was on snap grades can you tell me if they will curve it up to a 65 so I can pass or not? 😦

    • Hi,
      We can’t curve a Regents. If it’s a 63, then it’s a 63. You should plan to attend summer school if you failed Algebra this year, or just come after August 1 for Regents Review. The Regents will be given on August 17 at 8:30AM.
      –Mrs. Dubei
      PS– I know all QC students. Who is Wenwu?

  31. Anna Mareia says:

    Hi! I know it’s a bit too early but i’m going to be in eighth grade in my current school and I am hoping to apply to Queens Collegiate in the beginning of this year so that i might have a chance of attending the ninth grade there. May you be able to tell me the open house/information session dates? If not it’s all right I was just hoping to get a head start on the information.
    Thank You for your time! (:

    • Hi Anna,
      Thanks for thinking of QC!! I don’t think we’ve set the dates yet. Does the HS book have the HS Fair dates in it? Last I checked, we didn’t have dates for the HS fairs, and we set our open houses around those dates.
      Hope you’re enjoying your summer!
      Mrs. Dubei

  32. Valerie says:

    i filled out and sent the packet for incoming 9th graders. If it came back due to lack of stamps (It is June 30th right now) is it too late to still send it in?

  33. what time is orenetation for 6 graders

  34. can you list some local establishments that hold you cell phone while we are in school

    • Hi Ms. Jackson,
      There are a few corner stores in the neighborhood that hold cell phones for students. I am not familiar enough with them to list their names or addresses, but I know they are within a block or two of the school.

  35. Nujhat says:

    Hi, when do the classes begin?

  36. Afsana Rahman says:

    Hi I’m going to be a new student her at QC. Is there anything special that other schools don’t have.
    Do we also have to wear dark jeans on Fridays.

    • Hi Afsana,
      Welcome to QC. We have a rich academic and social program at QC, which includes world languages, the arts and technology. I’ll let our students tell you what they think is so special about QC.
      You may wear any color jeans on Friday, as long as they are not red, neon green, yellow, fuchsia, etc. They must be a blue or other color that is conducive to the uniform.

  37. james says:

    hey now are you? and when is freshmen 9th grade orientation and from wat time ? ty

  38. Vanessa says:

    when is the suppy list is going to be posted on the blog and where on the blog

  39. When is the supplies list posted for the 2011-2012?

  40. Is there anything special things about this school that other school’s don’t have?

  41. When does school end?

  42. Patricia says:

    Hi My Daughter Is New To Qc And We Were Trying Acess The Supply List But For Some Reason It Does Not Come Up I Was Wondering If U Can E-mail The 9th Grade Supplies. Also What Entrance Does QC Goes In Brcause Jamacia High School Has Alot Of Entrance Thanks Hope You Can Answer All Of My Questions Thanks.

    • Dear Ms. Patricia,
      I’m emailing you the supplies list now. My apologies it did not come up.
      We use the front entrance, as all schools use the front under the direction of the superintendent.
      Thanks and have a great summer!

  43. Afsana Rahman says:

    I’m confused about something on the supplies list. In the section Music it says head (the last word in the column) what does that mean or was there a typo? And also music staff paper do we get that if we have music classes? Also is lined paper looseleaf paper? Is the headphone w/ a microphone attached for computer classes? Thank you for your help!

  44. Nujhat says:

    hey how are you ? 🙂 and on the supplies list there’s a uniform for gym do they sell that in school? or the gym uniform shirt is just a polo shirt .

  45. Afsana Rahman says:

    Do we have online report cards if we do where do we find our online report card?
    Thanks for your help! 🙂

  46. Christine Lewis says:

    My son Christopher Swint was selected as an incoming 9th grader. His former school submitted the acceptance for us, however we have not heard anything from your school as far as orientation, dates to remember, and/or anything official. Can someone please verify for me that he is on your new student roster for September 2011/12 school year?

    • Dear Ms. Lewis,
      I will have someone check and get back to you this week. I apologize, as we have been working out of another DOE school as ours is under construction. We do not have the easy access to systems as we would have in our own offices.

  47. Jada says:

    Hi Do The Kids The Students Have To Have Id Cards. And If So What Day Do They Get Them. Also what time does 9th graders have to go in on the first day of school. and do the students get metro cards. thanks hope u can get back to me.

    • Hi Jada,
      The students do receive ID cards within the first week or so.
      The 9th graders should report at 8:00AM and they will get a schedule.
      Students receive metrocards if they live more than a mile from the school, according to the DOE transportation system. We hand them out day 1, unless the shipment has not been received in time.

  48. estefania marmolejos says:

    Hello! Sorry for disturbing you, but i want to know if students that are going to 7th grade are going to get ID cards. Also, does the students (of 7th grade) have summer homework packets?And, how does orientation work??? *Thank you for your time! :D*

    • Afsana Rahman says:

      They said “the students do recieve ID cards within the first week or so.” I think that every student will get ID cards. But i would think you would want to hear from the school about this question.

  49. sparkle superville says:

    Hello, I have a daughter that was accepted to QC for the 6th grade this year and a daughter who wasn’t. Is there any way that I can register my other daughter in your school? If so, when can I register her? I really would like for them to attend the same school. Thank You

  50. estefania marmolejos says:

    thanks anyways 🙂

  51. Jasmine says:

    I have a question is there still going to be orientation on sept1 and is it just for children or does parents come too? thanks for your time

    • Hi,
      Yes there is orientation tomorrow. Parents may come, but it is not required. Parents who do attend will be filling out paperwork and learning about the school in a separate parent mini-orientation. The official parent orientation is Tues, Sept 13 at 6:00PM.

  52. Jasmine says:

    Is there still orientation tomrrow and if parents are allowed

  53. Kc says:

    Hey. I’m a new student at Queens Collegiate and I want to know how the gym lockers work. Do I rent the actual gym lockers for 10$ a year or do we rent a lock for 10$ a year and the lockers are free? I don’t understand. Also, my brother which will also be in the same Boarding school as me has an orientation today. Is this the only chance he gets to get his schedule or will schedules be handed out a different time? Sorry for all the questions but we really need to know these things because school starts in a few days. By the way… why does school start before other schools? My sisters schools start a Septemember 8th. This school starts at Septemember 7th right? Please answer back quickly.

  54. Hi Kc,
    Welcome. I’ll try to answer your questions:
    1. You rent the lock– the lockers are free.
    2. Schedules are delayed due to computer issues. We will have them completed by September 8, the first day of school.
    3. Originally Sept 7 was the first day, but the Mayor and Chancellor decided to postpone it to September 8. We will start September 8 also.

  55. Bibi says:

    The answer to your question about the Gym Locker locks, you need to purchase/rent one and make sure you remember the combinations, because my son purchase/rent two locks lost them and second to last day before the summer vacation my son lost his $185.00 Swiss Army Back Pack with all its contents, no investigation was done by the security, the school’s Administrators or anyone else for that matter. Do you know who was blamed for this? My son who lost his locks for his locker, so as a new student I am advising you to be absolutely careful, because though you may be a child you must fend for yourself in this school, no one will be there for you or your losses. The toll will tell on your parents and you. I would like to say more, but there is no freedom of speech existing in this country only the pretence of it.

    A parent.

  56. Afsana Rahman says:

    Hi I know i already email this to you but you dont need to answer my email. Could u just answer me back the post thats all. i was at the orientation. i read one of the post that we will get 2 patches (logo’s) for our uniform at the orientation. Were we suppose to get the patches at the orientation?
    Sorry to bother u but i need this answer because i wont be able to wear the uniform without the patch. Thanks for your help!

  57. Kc says:

    Thank you for answering.

  58. Tyra says:

    ummm……if i loose my i.d card will i have to pay? if so how much?

  59. Alexannedreia Doorgasingh says:

    How many times during the day can i acess my locker? i am in the 8th grade and i will be attending your school next year.

    • Hi, Alexannedreia,
      You will be allowed to access your locker in the morning when you begin your day, at lunch/advisory, and at the end of the day. Looking forward to meeting you soon.

  60. Camilo says:

    In the lunch period, will i be able to sit in any table i want to or do we get permanent seats? I’m going to be a six grader so i really don’t know.

    • Hi Camilo,
      You’ll have an assigned area to sit in. Because we have about 300 students eating lunch at a time, and that includes many different grades, we assign areas to each grade. Most of our students really appreciate that, because then there are a few tables to choose from and they always have a good place to sit. See you soon! –Ms. Dubei

  61. Danielle says:

    Hello, my son will be entering your school for 6th grade. When will I be able to get the supply list.

  62. Erlina says:

    Hi! Im going to go here in September for 6th grade. On the Incoming Students Packet I got in my mail, It said there would be a supply list on the blog on June 15 but its not there yet. if you can could you give me another date because I like to get my supply’s early

  63. kiera says:

    Hey ,I’m Kiera. I’m going to QC for 6th grade and I just wanted to know do you guys have lockers and what time is lunch and especially the dress code?

    • Hi Kiera,
      Welcome. We do have lockers– 1 for classroom use, and 1 for in the locker room for gym. Lunch begins just before 10AM. The dress code can be found on the orientation page (see the links above).
      –Ms. Dubei

  64. Saba says:

    Hi I got a letter from the school about community service but, i never got one about a orientation. Am i going to get a letter?

  65. Michelle says:

    Hi my name is Michelle and I just found out that I was just assigned to Queens Collegiate. I understand that its late now, but when is the next orientation?

  66. kiera says:

    igot excepted to this school for 6 th grade,n wen they sent me a packet ,it had an emergency form….can ibring it on the first day of school

  67. Tyra says:

    Hello,I am a new 7th grader in QC. my mom wants to know when am i going to get my order form for uniform shirts with the patches? Also the middle school is going to be on the second floor is it going to be the same classroom or is it going to be different?

    • Hi Tyra,
      We don’t have a uniform supplier for shirts. You can buy a white, royal or navy button down shirt at Old Navy, Cookies, JCPenney, or any other store you shop at. The patches will be available through the school.
      The middle school will have all classes on the 2nd floor. The high school will have all classes on the 3rd floor.
      –Ms. Dubei

  68. Tyra says:

    Also is there going to be orientation for the 7th graders?

    • Hi Ms. Willis,
      We will not hold a 7th grade orientation, as a majority of the students are returning. If your child is new to QC and in the middle school, they can come to orientation on Tuesday, August 28 from 10-12noon.
      –Ms. Dubei

  69. Alexannedreia says:

    Hi i was wondering when orientation is for the incoming 9th grade students. Also can we bring our own locks for the lockers that we have in gym.

    • Hi Alexannedreia,
      Orientation for 9th grade students is Wednesday, August 29 from 10AM-12noon at QC. You cannot bring your own lock for a gym lock, because it gets too messy and confusing with 5 schools sharing the locker rooms.

      • Alexannedreia says:

        Thank you. Also for the 9th grade supply list can we just have a couple 5 subject notebooks or binders or do we have to have the exact same things listed on the school supply list? Sorry fo all of the questions I’m just kind of excited and nervous about starting high school. 🙂

      • Hi Alexannedreia,
        I think the teachers are striving to teach you organization. A five subject notebook may help in that regard, but it makes it difficult if a teacher asks you to leave your notebook with them for a night to be graded. Please use the composition notebooks to help facilitate this more easily.
        Thanks! We’re excited to have you coming to QC!
        Ms. Dubei

  70. Gail says:

    my name’s Gail, my son is entering the sixth (6th) grade in September and although the supplies list outlines all requiired stationery and uniforms, no mention is made regarding footwear. Please shed some light on the color and style suitable to the standard upheld at Queens Collegiate.
    Thanks a mil.

    • Hi Gail,
      So glad to have you as part of the community. Your son can wear whatever shoes he wishes, provided they aren’t heelies with wheels or light up in any way. Generally we say shoes should complement the outfit and not distract from it.
      Thanks so much!
      Ms. Dubei

  71. Sofia Lopez says:

    Hello, I am an incoming Senior that just moved from Miami I would like to know the supply list please, Also just curious do seniors do anything special the first day such as wear crowns?

    • jaimedubei says:

      Hi Sofia!
      Great to hear from you. Welcome to NY! The supply list depends upon your classes. Can you fax or bring me a copy of your transcript from your school in Miami? We’ll need that to help make sure we get you the right classes to graduate.

      As for the first day, our seniors haven’t yet done anything special like that, but you are in the 2nd ever senior class, so you can talk to them and see if that’s something they would want to do. We have a facebook group called Queens Collegiate with about 200 QC students on it. You can meet other students, especially seniors and recent QC grads, there.

      Looking forward to meeting you,
      Ms. Dubei

  72. Karla Herrera says:

    Hi my name is Karla, I will be attending the 9th grade this September and I would like to know when do we receive our schedules and ID card. Also, both my mother and I would like to know is there an specific shirt color that has to go with the khaki/ navy pants? [Ex. navy shirt can only be wore with khaki pants/ royal blue shirt can only wore with navy pants.]

    • jaimedubei says:

      Hi Karla,
      Glad to hear from you. You’ll receive your schedule at orientation. You’ll take the ID photo at orientation and receive it within the first few days of school.

      To your mother’s question about the shirt– no, we give you the choice which shirt to wear with which bottoms. We want you to have some say in what you wear and we hope this helps.

      All the best,
      Ms. Dubei

  73. Camilo says:

    Hi, i was wondering when do we give in the emergency card and all the other forms we are suppose to fill out. Do give it in on the orientation or on the first day of school. I also wanted to ask is our class number supposed to be printed in our report card from fifth grade or is the school going to send it to us because my future class number isn’t printed in my report card, it just says that QC is my future school. Is that normal?

    • jaimedubei says:

      Hi Camilo,
      Bring in the forms as soon as possible. If you have them at orientation, that would be great. You do not need your class number, as you don’t know it yet. We’ll help with that. Your program will be available soon, when you’ll know your class number.
      Looking forward to meeting you,
      Ms. Dubei

  74. Vera Daniels for Jai Hutchinson says:

    Cant make today’s orientation stuck out of country due to hurricane …need busing for Jai Plz call me 718-506-5766

  75. Alexannedreia says:

    Do we have to brin in all of our scho supplies on the first day of school?

  76. desire says:

    Hello,i heard that there is an up coming ice skating trip and i dont have enough money to go …. …..if i dont go and i come to school were am i gonna go??

  77. Natalie says:

    Is there any school rules on dying hair “unnatural” colors and piercings?

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