Giving to QC

If you are already shopping at Target, web searching, using General Mills products, drinking milk, or making purchases online, you can benefit Queens Collegiate.  We are registered with the following companies to receive funds from them in appreciation for your business.

Target Take Charge of Education– to register your Target card:

Labels for Education are found on Bic, Campbell’s, Dannon, Glad, PopSecret and other products in the grocery store.  Clip the UPC label, put them in a ziploc baggie and bring them all into Ms. Josie in room 306, for our school to earn money and items for use in the school.   Grocery items that carry these labels are found here:

 General Mills’ Box Tops for Education are found on a number of grocery store products, and each one earns the school 10-20 cents per label.  Visit for a complete list of BoxTop products.  Print it and tape it to the inside of your pantry, and clip each BoxTop you buy.  Bring clipped BoxTops to Ms. Josie in 306.

What if you had a penny for every time you searched the Internet? You can! Register Queens Collegiate as your favorite charity at and they will donate 1¢ to QC for each search. Add the GoodSearch toolbar to your browser and you will never Google again. Go to the site and enter “Queens Collegiate” under “Who do you Goodsearch for?” is a shopping portal where QC is registered. Many popular retailers will donate a percentage of your purchase to QC. iGive stores include Anne Taylor, Macy’s, Best Buy, Home Depot, Tupperware, even Apple iTunes. How many songs and apps did your family download today? Visit for a list of stores.


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