About Mrs. Dubei

As a child of United States Marine, Jaime travelled across America 5 times before she was 5 years old.  She experienced kindergarten instruction in three world languages (English, American Sign Language and Vietnamese).  As she heard the US propaganda about the evils of the USSR, she wanted to go to Moscow to see if the children were all that “evil.” The love of international affairs and world languages began to develop then.

During high school, Jaime has the opportunity to host 18 exchange students in her home and the opportunity to be an exchange student to Hamburg, Germany.

Many years later, after completing a Bachelors Degree in International Relations with emphases in Russian and international development, Jaime found her true love of teaching.  After teaching middle school social studies in the South Bronx, Mrs. Dubei pursued opening a new school in conjunction with The College Board.

She is incredibly excited to be serving students in the Jamaica, Queens area.


17 Responses to About Mrs. Dubei

  1. Ryan says:

    wow..U Are Like the most amazing Principle ever Your life Most Have been great To Do What you Feel is Rigth.

    • Shivanni B . says:

      That is amazingg . I envy you for your love of teaching & for giving us the opportunity to excel in life 🙂 I am hoping to enjoy my high school experiences at Queens Collegiate .

  2. Dre says:


  3. tyquel bond says:

    hello ms. Dubei im looking foward to seeing you this trimester and , im so happy to become a freshman of queens collegiate high school im ready and you will see me on june 10 well bye and again im happy to be in your school …

  4. tabbcee says:

    I have daughter going to fourth grade and I just heard about your school from the parent of a sophmore student currently attending your school. I think the program here is amazing and I hope my daughter has the opportunity to go there. Keep up the good work!

  5. Rondel says:

    Ms Dubei is, with no doubt, the best principal a student could ask for!

  6. L . Thomas says:

    Hi Ms Dubei I am trying to RSVP for the awards ceremony on May 23, 2012

  7. Elizabeth Singh says:

    hi mrs dubei i would like to know when the upcoming seventh graders will be getting a supply list and schedules. thanks

    – Elizabeth Singh a upcoming seventh grader

  8. Melinda Perez says:

    When is the supply list for the 2012-2013 6th graders going to be available???


  9. Pamela Anderson says:

    Hi Mrs.Dubei i was wondering what was your email address is i have to ask you a question about my child info

  10. Karla Herrera says:

    Hi Mrs.Dubei, I have a question about our queens collegiate email. Do I make my own queens collegiate gmail account or does the school do that for me? If I have to create the account, how do I do it? Is there an specific name I must put?

    Thank you,
    Karla Herrera

  11. Hi Mrs. Dubei i just wanted to say that I think that your school is really great.

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