Dear Parents, Guardians and Students,

Last week in our weekly assembly, I challenged our students to think of ways that they could go above and beyond within the school, in their community and in the world. Peter Reynolds made a movie about a child that took an ordinary assignment, and turned it into something ordinary (see here). I challenge you to help your child think of new and innovative ways that they can accomplish their work. Sometimes the “old fashioned” way is best, but in a world where the careers our children will hold are not even created yet– we need to think differently.

Today in our weekly assembly, I showed our students a video by Peter Reynolds called “The Dot.” What are ways that our students can support each other? How can we help others to find their inner creativity?

Two students who thought differently, and went above and beyond have been selected to represent all students on the School Leadership Team. It is my pleasure to announce the selection of Claressa Lesley and Courtney Lall as Student Representatives to the School Leadership Team. They were chosen by parents and members of the school team based upon their application and history of service and leadership. They are the student voice on the School Leadership Team, so students, please do not hesitate to reach out to them, so they can effectively represent you.

Additionally, I want to thank families for supporting us in maintaining the uniform dress code at Queens Collegiate. It is largely thanks to your efforts, along with those of our deans and assistant principals, to ensure that our students are in uniform clothing daily. It makes such a different to our school culture and community, to see the QC pride showing through.

As the weather gets colder, it is critical that our students have adequate warm clothing in dress code colors (navy, white or royal). Wearing a black, red or striped hoody is not uniform and will lead to phone calls and parent meetings.

For ease, we have expanded the uniform to include denim blue button down shirts, and button down khaki tan shirts. As always– shirts must a have a collar and be in white, navy, royal, denim or khaki tan.

Pants and skirts must be in navy or khaki, unless it is Friday. Collared uniform shirts are required everyday. Friday is not a dress down day.

This Friday, we will have a school Movie Night. It is a free event that begins at 3PM for grades 6-8, and permission slips are required. The HS event will begin at 4PM and is free also.

Remember, next Wednesday, September 26 is Yom Kippur, and thus no school.

Lastly, please remember to turn in your lunch forms and blue cards if you have not done so already.

All the best,
Ms. Dubei

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