Student Orientation

Dear Parents, Guardians and Students, 

Just a friendly reminder that our new student orientation is this week.  6th grade (and any new students in grades 7 & 8) should come on Tuesday morning, August 28, from 10AM-12noon.  9th grade students (and any new HS transfer students) should come on Wednesday, August 29 from 10AM-12noon.  

We’ll have programs for students at this time.  We’ll also be surveying middle school students for their choice of electives, which will not yet be programmed.  

Any continuing QC student can pick up their program on Friday, August 31, from 10AM-12noon.  

The first day of school is Thursday, September 6, and classes begin at 8AM.  

We look forward to seeing you soon!

Ms. Dubei

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7 Responses to Student Orientation

  1. Good Afternoon Ms. Dubei,
    I would like to know if the students are to bring their incoming packets to the orientation tomorrow. Also would like to know (1) what are the prices for patches? (2) are they receiving the schedules at the orientation? (3) do you have a place that we can order the uniforms from? (I saw previously that you were using a company that the parents can order the uniforms from)

  2. Jada says:

    can a student attend orientation if the parent brings the papers in on the day of orientation ?

  3. Michelle says:

    Do our parents have to show up at the 9th grade orientation?

  4. Maria Pangilinan says:

    Hi Mrs. Dubei, Im a coming freshman in QC. Will I be able to get my schedule when i go to the 9th grade orientation? Which is on Wednesday, August 29th?

  5. Elizabeth Singh says:

    Mrs. dubei for the 31st on friday i will come to pick up my program but where do i go to get it ?

    – Elizabeth Singh a Continuing QC student

  6. Desire says:

    Hi Mrs.Dubei, I am really looking forward to going to this school & I’m a new coming 6th grader. I have a few questions (1) will there will be someone to direct us to our class? (2) will be like signs to show us when we enter Queens Collegiate? (3) Are there usually bullies when we enter the school? Do we get picked on when we enter the school? I’m so nervous to enter the new school but on they other hand I have friends from my old school thats going to Q.C so I’m not that nervous. Well I will see you on the first day, Mrs.Dubei. Hey, that rhymes! ok

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