Supplies List

Dear Parents & Guardians,

The supply list for all Middle School students is found here.  While it says 6th grade when you click on it, it applies to all Middle School grades.

The only deviation is that 8th grade students will be able to choose between dance with Ms. Denis and swim with Mr. Sklar for their PE class.  If they take swim, they will need a pair of swim trunks with lining for boys, or a one piece, modest swimsuit for girls and a towel.

The 9th grade supplies list is found here.  Please do not worry about the lists below if you are a 9th grade incoming student.  Solely use the list in the link.

For returning QC HS students, please see below for supplies lists for your classes: 

ESL: 2 Composition Notebooks; 1 pack of filler paper; 1 folder

English 10th grade: Marble Notebook, a spiral notebook or binder, a folder, pen/pencil, highlighter

English 11th grade: Spiral Notebook; 1″ binder; composition notebook; pens; pencils

AP Literature and Composition/AP Language/12th Grade English: 2+ notebooks; 3+ pks loose leaf; pens; pencils; eraser; sharpener; folder; highlighters; index cards (large); Barron’s AP Literature or Language textbooks for AP students only – newest editions (suggested, not required).

Integrated Algebra/ Geometry: Marble Notebook (NOT a binder!), Graph Paper, Two-Pocket Folder, Graphing Calculator, Ruler

Alg2/Trig:  TI-84 Graphing calculator (TI-83 is ok); internet access with firefox*; 2+ notebooks and folders; Binder    *if you do not have internet access at home, please see Ms. Wang to make arrangements, as online assignments help to teach and assess your knowledge.

Calculus, AP Calculus: Binder; One pack of looseleaf; Graphing Calculator (CASIO or TI-Texas Instrument/TI83 or TI84 or TI84+); Basic Geometry Tools (ruler, compass…); Index Cards (recommended); Highlighters (recommended); 2 Folders; Section dividers

Global 10: A spiral notebook and folders OR a binder with folders, pens/pencils, highlighter

US History–11th grade : Binder with two sections OR a two subject spiral notebook; 1 Folder; Blue/Black Pen; highlighter; Index cards (recommended)

Senior Social Studies: A spiral notebook and folders OR a binder with folders, pens/pencils, highlighter

Earth Science: Binder (NOT a notebook), pens, pencils (for graphing), basic calculator, colored pencils, looseleaf

Environmental Science/Chemistry/Physics: Binder or a notebook, pens, pencils (for graphing), basic calculator, colored pencils, looseleaf

French 3: 2 Composition Notebooks; 1 pack of filler paper; 1 folder; 1 French-English dictionary

Spanish 1, 2 & 3:  2 composition notebooks; 1 folder; 1 package of looseleaf; pens; pencils; Spanish-English dictionary (recommended); colored pencils/crayons (recommended); highlighters (recommended); index cards (recommended)

Physical Education:

Students are required to wear the QC phys ed uniform that consists of a navy/royal/white short sleeve, non-collared t shirt, navy/royal/khaki/beige sports shorts or sweat pants, as well as any color socks and sneakers. Dark colored leggings may only be worn for classes conducted in the dance studio. Long sleeve shirts may not be worn without teacher consent  based on a religious or medical necessity. Sweatshirts may be worn, but must be khaki/beige/navy/white/royal. Sweaters, tank tops and muscle shirts are not permitted. Hats, bandanas, do-rags, hair scarves or any large logos are not permitted to be worn.
Female students must wear a one piece or tankini style bathing suit. Male students must wear a bathing suit with a mesh lining. Shorts/undergarments are not permitted to be worn in the pool under any condition. All types of street footwear and goggles that cover the nose are prohibited in the pool vicinity. Your child is also responsible to bring his/her own towel, carry bag for belongings, flip flops or pool shoes, bathrobe, goggles (optional item-except those noted above), swim cap (optional item) and/or ear plugs (optional item) daily.
* For the phys ed and swim locker rooms, students must use a school lock.
These are the only phys ed and swim items we sell at QC:
QC Phys Ed short sleeve t-shirt = $10
QC Locker Room Master Lock = $10
QC Patch = $5
Swim Goggles = $10
Swim Cap = $5
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to email or call the school (718) 658-4016.   Thank you! — Ms. Dubei
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15 Responses to Supplies List

  1. Christal says:

    Good Afternoon Mrs.Dubei,
    This is Christal Thom I was wondering about the supply list because it says all Middle School Students supply list but then when you click on it, it only says 6th grade supply list…. So I was wondering where is the 7th grade supply list?

  2. Afroza says:

    I am Afroza, a Parent for a 8th Grader Coming September, and I haven’t seen any supplies list for the 8th Grade as well, there are only 6th and 9th. Can someone indicate to me where I am supposed to find the supplies list for 8th Grade, or email/post further guidance as to what parents with students for the 7th and 8th Grade can find their supplies list?

    I appreciate your speedy response.

    Afroza (parent)

    • Hi Afroza,
      So sorry for the confusion. The middle school lists are uniform. Please use the 6th grade list for 7th and 8th. The only variety is that the 8th grade has the option between swim and dance for their PE class. If they take swim, they need a modest 1 piece swimsuit and a towel for swimming.

      All the best,
      Ms. Dubei

      • Afroza AlliRamdass says:

        Thank you Professor Dubei,
        I always get worried and stressed when I am not informed about my boys academic needs. I am also hoping that this year my son, can get the opportunity to enter the swimming program. It was one of the main factors of choosing this school, because it is his dream to learn to swim. I met all the requirements for him to attend the swimming classes, but was never given the opportunity unfortunately. Now, I am placing myself in the expense of purchasing the swimming gears (requirements). I hope this year he gets this opportunity, that was promised to him so many times and he remains disapointed. I am sure by now after two years, you and the rest of the staff are well aware I am proactive in my son’s academic achievement, accomplishments, and success. I am a Psychology Professor and I can relate to parent’s frustration when their child is unhappy in their environment. I also know that Queens Collegiate has brought out the best in my son, and I would not hesitate to recommend this school to other parents. You and your staffs has always been kind, compassionate, and understanding. You also take matters of important situations very seriously. Therefore, I want to extend my gratitude to you and the staffs at QC and looking forward for a more progressive school year.
        Thank you sincerely,
        Alec’s Mother.

      • jaimedubei says:

        Hi Professor Ramdass,
        The likelihood of Alec enrolling in swim is astronomically high. We’ll make sure he gets it this year. Thank you for your patience and continued support. I greatly appreciate it.
        Ms. Dubei

  3. priscilla says:

    Good morning Mrs. Dubei, i am having a problem opening up the supply list link. Is it possible to email it to my personal email address that i have on file. Also is the supply list for the 7th & 8th grade, because it says 6th grade. Thank you very much in this matter and enjoy the rest of your summer.

  4. Tyra says:

    Good afternoon Mrs.Dubei i still have my lock for the gym from last year can i still use for the gym this year? Thank You!

  5. mr&mrs JACKSON says:

    i don’t see supply for my 7th grade daugther all i see is 6th & 9th grade please email 7th grade suppy list thank you.

  6. Estefania Marmolejos says:

    Hello Mrs.Dubei 🙂
    If we have swimming, does that mean we have to swim with the boys? And if we have swimming, does that mean we don’t have Physical Education? Thanks 🙂

  7. Alexannedreia Doorgasingh says:

    Hi Mrs.Dubei
    i am going into 9th grade next year how do i know if i have gym or swimming or if i have both?

    • jaimedubei says:

      Hi Alexannedreia,

      For the first trimester, you will have gym. At the 2nd trimester you may be able to enroll in swimming as long as it doesn’t conflict with another course that you genuinely need.

  8. Nigel Clark or Georgiann Clark says:

    Hi Mrs. Dubei
    My child Niyelle Clark will be starting the 9th grade. She is very excited for all the things you have to offer her, as far as after school programs. Can I buy the supplies for Physical Education on the first day of school.

    • jaimedubei says:

      Hi Mr & Mrs Clark,
      We’re so excited to have Niyelle joining us at QC. You can buy the PE T-shirt from the school. We actually have a new design available this year, and I am hoping it is available by the first day. Don’t worry– we’ll make sure that everything goes smoothly for Niyelle in this area.
      All the best,
      Ms. Dubei

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