No school on June 25 & 26

Dear Parents and Guardians of our students,

To date, 45 states, including New York, have adopted the Common Core Learning Standards (CCLS), a set of standards that will help our students to perform at higher levels academically, and be more prepared for college and careers after high school is completed.  As a College Board School, we have a strong focus on college and career preparedness, and we still can do more to better prepare our students.

Within the next year, our Regents assessments will be changing to more fully incorporate CCLS aligned tasks, requiring our students to think more deeply.  Rather than answering a majority of questions using multiple choice, our students will need to solve complex, multi-step problems.  While we have been incorporating projects in our classrooms, we need to do more to fully prepare our students for the rigors of these assessments, college and careers ahead.

To meet these challenges, the PTA elected on May 8, 2012 to allow June 25 and June 26 to be reassigned as professional development days for teachers.  On these days, our teachers will be examining CCLS aligned tasks, planning curriculum for our students and their own professional learning for next year.  These activities will allow us to better serve your child and the children who are entering Queens Collegiate.

We will not have regular classes on Monday, June 25 and Tuesday, June 26.  Yet, we realize that parents work, and may count on the school for adequate care and education of their child(ren).  Thus, if you would like to send your child to school on these two days, please email Ms. Josie at  by June 12.

Very truly yours,

Jaime Anne Dubei

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