College Tours

Dear Parents, Guardians and Students,

Most students have the opportunity to go on college tours this Wednesday and/or Thursday. Some students, especially those in grades 7, 11, and 12, will have opportunities later in the year. All college tours this year are organized by the advisors of each grade (i.e. 6th grade advisors plan tours for the 6th grade students), which is a slight change in our policy. We feel this will help our students on grade go to appropriate colleges for their developmental and academic readiness levels.

For the 10th & 11th grade students who received permission slips to fill potential open slots on the 9th grade overnight trip:
Seats will be filled first by 9th grade students who return permission slips on Monday. Any open seats will then be filled by 10th & 11th grade students who have shown particular interest in the colleges that we will be visiting (Brown University, Yale University and Rhode Island School of Design). Student interest will be judged by a survey that must be returned to Ms. Kaufman or Ms. Abdul-Malik. First come, first served is not in effect. We want to ensure students who show exceptional interest in a particular school are given priority over those who solely want to attend an overnight tour.

Thank you.
Ms. Dubei & the 9th grade team

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