School lunch forms

Dear Students, Parents & Guardians,
This Friday, October 21st the DOE will reset all students who have not turned in lunch forms to $1.50 lunch.  Currently, the DOE is using last year’s information.
If you have not done so, please return your form immediately.  These forms qualify our school for approximately $500,000 in Federal funding.  You may also directly fill out the form online here.
I highly recommend that all parents send your child with $1.50 for lunch on Monday, Oct 24th, just in case there has been an error in processing your form.  The DOE now processes the forms centrally.  With 1 million forms to process, errors are expected.  Ask your child after school on the 24th if there has been a change in their payment.
If there is a processing error, the best approach is just to send in another form or fill it out online.  In that case, your child would need to pay $1.50 until the form is processed properly.  See Mr. McMahon for additional forms.
Should you want to pre-pay for your child’s lunches online, you may do that here.
Best regards,
Mr. McMahon
Assistant Principal
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