Summer & September Information

Dear Parents, Guardians, & Students,

Attached is the information for summer school and the first days in the fall.  We look forward to seeing you September 8!

QC summer & fall info

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9 Responses to Summer & September Information

  1. Irene Kuang says:

    My son passed all his regents but how come he still has to go to summer school

    • He would only need to come to summer school if he didn’t earn enough credits. I don’t remember him failing anything this year. If we are talking about Andy, then he should not have to attend summer school.

  2. Lois Patrick says:

    I was told that the book list for September would be available on 7/15/2011, but when i accessed the site nothing was there, so could you please tell me when it will be there.

  3. estefania marmolejos says:

    when does school actually start??? sept.7th or sept.8???my child needs to know

  4. Mrs. Spivey says:

    What time do the kids have to report to school on September 8th to pick up there schedules?

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