PTA Election Results

Good morning Parents, Guardians and Students!

Last night we held PTA Elections. I am proud to announce the following:

PTA President: Ms. Veronica Miller (

PTA Vice President: Ms. Dethress Ulmer Lesley (

PTA Secretary: Ms. Suzette Grey (

PTA Treasurer: Ms. Pauline Lovell (

School Leadership Team Parent Rep: Angela Sandy (

School Leadership Team Parent Rep: Ms. Pauline Lovell (

Title I Parent Representative: Ms. Kim Davis (

There was discussion during the meeting that Tuesday nights may not be the most convenient for parents to meet. Thursday was discussed as an alternative. We want to hear what would be best for you. Please contact one of the PTA Executive Board with your opinions, and to offer any assistance during the upcoming school year. With our first graduating class, we will need the PTA more than ever.

Reminder: Tonight is Awards Night beginning at 6PM
Tomorrow is no school for students.
Friday is Teen Night for HS students from 4-9PM. Parents are welcome.

Best regards,

Mrs. Dubei

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