6th grade state testing


Dear Parents/Guardians of Students in Grade 6,

As you know, the New York State ELA Assessment will be administered to students in grade 6 on Tuesday May 2 and Wednesday, May 3, 2011. The State Math Assessment will be given Tuesday May 10 and Wednesday, May 11, 2011. With the support of our parents and guardians, our teachers and students have been working tirelessly to prepare for these exams and we know that all of our children will perform brilliantly. We ask that you review the tips below to help your children prepare for the exam:

1. Make sure your children go to bed early and that they have enough rest. Be sure to get them to school on time the next day, as latecomers may not be permitted to take the exam.
2. Please be sure that your children eat a light, healthy breakfast.
3. Dress them for success. Children should wear comfortable uniform clothes.
4. Please make sure the children are prepared. Our students need to show up to school with #2 pencils, erasers, and other materials specified by their teachers.
5. Tell them to be positive: Expect to do well. Reassure them and tell them to relax. Let them know it is okay to take a short break. They can pause briefly when they need to break the tension.
6. Remind them to avoid distractions and to concentrate only on their own exam.

Below is the Test Format for Grade 6 for the NYS ELA. Students with IEP or ELL needs will have all accommodations provided.

Day 1–70 minutes total
Book 1 Reading selections
41 multiple-choice questions
Day 2–90 minutes total
Book 2 Part 1: Listening
5 multiple-choice questions
3 short-response questions
Part 2: Writing
3 multiple choice questions
Part 3: Reading/Writing
4 short-response questions
1 extended-response question

As always, thank you for your continued cooperation and support.

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2 Responses to 6th grade state testing

  1. jasmin ferrer says:

    Good Evening,
    I’m trying to find out information on how to apply my son to your school in Sept.

    • Hello Ms. Ferrer,

      If your child is currently within a Department of Education school, you would need to see their guidance counselor. The application process is now in the final round of appeals, so you could appeal another placement to come here. If you are not a part of the application process yet, you should visit the Office of Student Enrollment at Sutphin Blvd. If you require further assistance, call 718-658-4016 and ask for Mr. McMahon. He is our Assistant Principal, and he handles all enrollment issues.

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