Reward Field Trips

Dear Parents, Guardians and Students,

So many of our students are doing very well in school.  Those who are on the honor roll for the 2nd trimester are eligible for reward trips.  Students who have been absent less than 5 days are also eligible for these trips.  We asked you what types of rewards you wanted, and here they are:

  1. NY Liberty game at City College of New York.  This trip will occur on May 19.   NY Liberty field trip permission slip Please return it to Ms. Louis.
  2. NY Aquarium at Coney Island– this trip will occur on May 22.  Students will be going to the aquarium at NY Aquarium and eating lunch on the Boardwalk.  Students will not be swimming or going in the ocean on this trip.  Permission slips are available from Ms. Louis.
  3. Great Wolf Lodge– We will be taking 48 students to Great Wolf Lodge on June 2-3, 2011. This is the Great Wolf Lodge field trip permission slip and your seat is not reserved until you have placed a deposit with Ms. Dubei.  This trip will cost $135, but a $40 deposit will hold your spot.  All fees must be paid by the date of the trip.

Students are expected to maintain exceptional behavior at all times and uniform requirements.  Students who have had behavioral issues that result in Saturday reflections or a suspension will not be eligible for the Great Wolf Lodge trip.  Due to limited space, we must ensure that students who are on the honor roll/ exceptional attendance and are doing the right thing in school have the space to attend the trip.

As always, students who are having financial difficulties but meet all other requirements of the trip (i.e. grades, points, etc) should see Mr. McMahon or Mrs. Dubei to discuss payment options.  We will work with you as needed.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to email or see me at school.

Best regards,

Mrs. Dubei

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