HS Parents: Information sharing opt-out

Dear Parents & Guardians,

High school students must fill out the FAFSA during their senior year of high school.  This document is used by the government to determine financial eligibility for government grants and loans for college study.  I highly recommend any college-bound student’s family fill this form out in their senior year.

The NYC Department of Education will now be sharing information with the US Department of Education and the National Student Clearinghouse on FAFSA completion rates and college enrollment. This information applies to all high school students, not just seniors filling out the FAFSA.   They are obligated to notify you as the parents that they will be sharing this information, and you have the right to opt-out if you do not want this information shared.

The letter with opt-out in English is located here.  It has been translated into the 9 most common languages in NYC, and those translations are found here.

If you choose to opt-out, please send it to the school no later than February 18, 2011.

If you have any questions, please email queenscollegiate@gmail.com or call 718-658-4016.

Best regards,

Mrs. Dubei

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