CUNY College Now & QC data

Hello Parents, Students & Guardians,

I have posted these flyers ( CUNY College Now) around the school for the HS students who are interested in the CUNY College Now program at Queensborough Community College.  Please note that the application is due by Friday.  We only have 8 seats in this program, so we will be selecting students who will consistently attend, and if needed, those who have the strongest applications.

A parent came in today asking for data about our school.  I am linking out to the DOE data sources:

Learning Environment Survey

Quality Review–Please note that we received the highest grade possible, which was unprecedented for a 2nd year school to accomplish.

Progress Report (Our HS will get a grade in 2012 after our first graduating class.  Our middle school will get a grade next year after this year’s 6th grade exams)

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3 Responses to CUNY College Now & QC data

  1. safka says:

    where can we get the forms and right a fter school you have to go , also we have to get extra school supplys for that

  2. anonymus says:

    the laptops are net books ? or what

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