Online classes

Dear Parents, Guardians & Students,

As an iZone school, we have the privilege of taking online courses to supplement our traditional coursework. Students should log in here, by clicking on the provider of their online course, and enter the password given to them by the teacher managing their online classroom.

Providers are as follows:

  • Apex: Geography & Cultures,
  • Aventa: Physics, Consumer Math, 6th grade Social Studies
  • Conspiracy Code (a US history video game)
  • K12: PowerSpeak languages (French & Spanish)
  • Students taking the College Process should sign in to for SAT prep and register as their mentor.  We are hoping to receive access to the College Board’s online SAT prep, but passwords are not yet available.

The benefit of online coursework is that it is accessible from anywhere that has internet connectivity, so you can see their progress and instruction from home.

If students are having issues logging in, they should see the teacher in their online room who can provide assistance.

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1 Response to Online classes

  1. safka says:

    hey , i never got a username and password or heard anything about my geography and cultures online class ? also im confused when do i start that class no ne told me anything ?

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