6th grade course offerings 2010-2011, First trimester

The following are our course offerings by grade for the first trimester of the 2010-2011 school year.  Please note that our periods will be 54 minutes long, meeting either every day, or every other day for 12 week sessions.  At the end of 12 weeks, your child’s courses will change to reflect a new trimester.

NYC Department of Education’s Great Expectations Guide benchmarks what your child should know and be able to do by the end of the 6th grade.

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  • English Language Arts:  Our curriculum will focus on reading, writing, and critical thinking.  Students will be reading engaging texts, and writing with purpose.  An emphasis will be placed on reading for informational purposes, analyzing textual elements and using creativity and critical thinking in our writing.  We will be using the SpringBoard English Language Arts text as a foundation, supplemented by many novels, articles and other forms of writing.  This course will meet every day, and will be taught by Mr. Bush & his co-teacher for 601.  602 & 603 will be taught by Mrs. Silverstein.

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  • Mathematics: Students will be using mathematical principles to solve real world problems.  Students will reinforce their knowledge of basic mathematical operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division of whole numbers, fractions and decimals), while learning new concepts relating to factors, fractions, percents, proportions, probability and geometric concepts.  They will apply this knowledge to solve problems they are facing.  We will be using the College Board’s SpringBoard Math program as a foundation in meeting our curriculum.  This course will meet everyday and be taught by Mr. Bush & his co-teacher for 601.  602 & 603 will be taught by Ms. Jackson.

(Image from http://www.fossweb.com/NYC/modules6-8/grade6.html)

  • Science: At the heart of science is inquiry– asking questions about our world and finding answers to those questions.  Students will be using inquiry and numerous hands-on experiments to learn about 3 main topics in science:  levers and pulleys; weather and water; and populations and ecosystems.  We will be using the FOSS science kits as the tools to meet our curriculum.  Each class will start with levers and pulleys, studying it for approximately 10 weeks.  Science teachers will add in 1-3 additional units as needed throughout the year.  This course will meet daily and be taught by Mr. Bush & his co-teacher for 601.  602 & 603 will be taught by another teacher.

(Image from http://mesopotamia.mrdonn.org/  He has some GREAT resources for 6th grade SS)

  • Social Studies: This will be a unique class that incorporates online learning with classroom experiential lessons and activities.  The curriculum encompasses world geography and studies of the people, cultures, politics, religions and economics of Eastern hemisphere locations in ancient and modern times.  We will be starting with geography and moving into the early peoples in Mesopotamia, using Aventa Learning’s online curriculum with History Alive!’s in-person lessons.   This course will meet daily and will be taught by Mr. Bush & his co-teacher for 601.  602 & 603 will be taught by another teacher.

(Image from http://www.freedom-in-education.co.uk/newsletter/april%20to%20december%2005/April%2005.htm)

  • World Languages:  Each child will take the appropriate level of Spanish or French.  This will be a hybrid course where part of the child’s education is online using software that is designed to reinforce reading, writing, speaking and listening in the target language with teacher support and tutorials.  We will be using PowerSpeak‘s middle school Spanish and French programs.  These courses will meet every other day and be taught by Ms. Kim (French), Ms. Oswald and other teacher (Spanish).

(Image from http://www.wuhsd.k12.ca.us/whittieruhsd/site/default.asp)

  • Physical Education: Active children are healthy children.  Students will be learning healthy life choices and engaging in physical activity in our large gym and outdoor field.  Possible units in this course may be football, soccer, baseball, kickball, etc.  Mr. Sklar will be teaching all PE courses using the NYCDOE curriculum and Fitnessgram. All PE courses meet every other day.

  • Advisory:  Advisory is a small group (12-15 students) who will meet with their advisor every other day to discuss skills that will help them to be successful in their courses and in transitioning into middle school.  This is the place where we teach organization, study skills, notetaking skills, and skills related to interpersonal relations (i.e. resolving conflicts).  Advisory generally does not require supplies, but the advisor will be in contact with you if they feel your child would benefit from supplies that help them to better organize themselves.  6th grade advisors are Ms. Wang, Ms. Silverstein, Mr. Bush, Mr. McMahon, and 2 more 6th grade teachers.
  • Clubs/Tutoring--Each child will have clubs or tutoring every other day.  This is a time for them to participate in extra-curricular or enrichment activities or receive additional academic support.

Electives for the 6th grade:

  • Music:  601 will be taking music as an elective during the first trimester.  This course will be a general music course with elements of choral work, musical theory and composition, appreciation of musical styles, and ensemble.  Student interest will be used to determine future course projections.  Ms. Wingate will be teaching this course, using the NYCDOE Blueprint for Teaching & Learning in Music, working towards the standards students need to meet by the 8th grade.

  • Writing: 602 will be taking a writing elective during the first trimester, which is a course designed to strengthen students’ ability to write effectively for their audience.  Mrs. Silverstein will be meeting student needs, and pursuing NaNoWriMo, where students are writing their own novel throughout the trimester.  As a licensed theater teacher, Ms. Silverstein may also incorporate theatrical principles and dramatic productions into this course as it meets student needs and interests.

(image from http://miazshomeschoolminutes.blogspot.com/2009/10/american-math-challenge.html)

  • Math: 603 will have an additional period of mathematics to enhance their knowledge and ability in math.  Ms. Jackson has been working on challenge based learning with Apple Master Teachers, and will be incorporating real world problems that students can solve and implement their solutions, using mathematical principles, skills and critical thinking.

Music, math and writing each meet daily for the trimester that your child has each elective.  Electives will rotate throughout the year, so that each student in the 6th grade will experience all electives by the end of the year.

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    hello teachers and Mrs Dubai, i wanted to ask if u didn’t get yur report card yet how can u get it.

  2. Jung Singh says:

    would the school have notified me if i needed to retake the regents

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