Uniform ordering

Hello Parents & Guardians!

It’s that time of year that many of you are purchasing new school clothing.  You are not required to purchase clothing from the school vendor, aside from PE t-shirts.  Button down shirts and polos may be purchased elsewhere.

We will give you 2 free patches at orientation, and they are $5/patch beyond the 2.

Here is Fine Product’s order form, should you want to purchase clothing from them.  Their quality is very high.  They are a sturdy but comfortable clothing, especially the sweatshirts. Queens Collegiate_orderform

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8 Responses to Uniform ordering

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  2. javed says:

    i still didn’t receive my uniform. what do i do?

  3. Akram says:

    What if we just wear a white shirt with no QC on it on the first day of school so is that ok to wear only white shirt and khaki pants.

  4. Akram says:

    R we alowed to to wear khaki pants with lots of pokets like 2 pokets on the knee and 2 on the top of the knee so is it ok to wear.

  5. Akram says:

    So u mean that we r not alowed to wear the colors khaki pants.

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