School is in session for ALL students

Tuesday 12/8/2009

9th grade Plans:

7:15AM Meet at the flagpole, dressed nicely

7:20AM Depart for Carnegie Hall

9:00AM Concert at Carnegie Hall

11:00AM Get lunch in Manhattan

1:00PM Return to Queens Collegiate

10th grade Plans:   Progress to Graduation Day–dress in QC dress code clothing

  Class Name: Columbia

Ms. King & Ms. Wang advisories

Class Name: St. John’s

Mrs. Macaluso/Ms. Micillo advisories

Class Name: NYU

Mr. Bush advisory + any 9th grade students

1 English—Ms. Micillo Science—Ms. King Health—Mr. Sklar 
2 Health—Mr. Sklar Social Studies—Mrs. Daniel Mixed Math—Ms. Wang
3 Mixed Math—Ms. Wang Health—Mr. Sklar English—Ms. Micillo
4 Social Studies—Mrs. Daniel Math—Ms. Wang Science —Ms. King
5 Lunch
6 Science—Ms. King English—Ms. Micillo Social Studies—Ms. Daniel
7 Town Hall in the auditorium—1st floor.  Walk down with your advisory group.
8 Advisory in regularly scheduled advisory rooms

PTA Meeting Tuesday evening from 6:30-7:30PM.  Parents who attend will earn their child a Jeans Day certificate for Thursday, 12/10/2009.

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