Perseverance Day

The Yankees won the World Series, after many years of trying. 

At QC, we are striving for Regents Diplomas.  It’s a tough course, but we can do it together with years of hard work. 

What: Wear appropriate Sports Apparel (no hats)

When: Tomorrow, Friday, 11/6/09

Why: To celebrate perseverance in the face of adversity

Cost:  ALL homework completed for every class tomorrow (Friday).  Homework will be checked during Advisory by Mr. McMahon & Mrs. Dubei.  If you do not have homework, you will have to wear a QC uniform shirt.

On the Yankees’ win:

“They persevered and they were determined, a lot like the ’98 team,” General Manager Brian Cashman said, referring to the best Yankees team of modern times. “They had the attitude that nothing was going to stop them. But they had to prove it, and they proved it.”

“It’s been a while — it’s been nine years,” said his son, Hal Steinbrenner, the managing general partner. “I just talked to him today. He was a little bit excited and nervous, as we all were. But this team, they fought and they fought and they fought. They never gave up.”

(quotes from NYTimes article, “Back on Top, Yankees Add a 27th Title” written by Tyler Kepner, published 11/5/2009).

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