Week of 10/19/09

Dear Parents, Guardians and Students,

At Queens Collegiate we do some things differently.  Parent/Guardian Advisor Conferences are one of the major areas we are different than your typical high school.

Each Advisor will be reaching out to the parents of their advisees to schedule appointments during Parent Advisor Conferences.  Each parent will have 15-20 minutes to work with their child’s advisor to review the past marking period, and set goals for the future.  Due to the depth of our meetings, parents will only meet with their child’s advisor and administration (if needed) on these dates.  Meetings with other teachers should be scheduled separately from Parent Advisor Conferences.

Each advisor will be sending home letters regarding the conferences to give you the opportunity to choose the time that works best for your schedule.  Conferences are held Thursday 10/29/09 from 5:30-8:00PM or on Friday, 10/30/09 from 12:15-2:45PM.  Students will have a 1/2 day on 10/30, dismissing at 11:30.

Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions.

Educationally yours,

Mrs. Dubei

Homework and Notifications for this week:

Week of 10/21 At a Glance:

*Wednesday 10/21–Advisory Elections; Students should have brought home letter regarding appointment schedule for Parent Advisor Conferences

* Thursday 10/22– Deadline to return lunch forms.  Jeans Day for those who have a certificate.

*Friday 10/23– Dress Down Day for those who returned Lunch Forms and have a certificate.

Parent Advisor Conferences:
We do things differently at QC.  Each advisor will schedule a 15-20 minute appointment with every child’s parent/guardian.  They are typically scheduled between 5:30-8:00PM on Thursday, 10/29 or between 12:15-2:45PM on Friday, 10/30.  Please email your child’s advisor and let them know which day/times would be most convenient for you.  Confirmation of appointment should go out by Monday, 10/26.

Please see the attached files for those who need to send in Blue Cards.  Blue cards are essential as they allow us to seek medical treatment and contact you quickly in case of an emergency.

Lunch forms are essential to funding the school’s endeavors.  Because 99% of QC students returned lunch forms last year, we received an additional $98,000 in funding for this year.  Please return your lunch form by October 15, so we may have this funding for next year.

Here is the link to print and send in the lunch form. http://www.opt-osfns.org/osfns/Mealsapp/forms_reduced.aspx

If you would like to keep your information private, then you can still support the school by filling out the lunch application online.  The link to fill out Lunch Forms online is

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