NYC College Permission Slip

Dear Parents/Guardians,

All students will participate in a college knowledge kick off this week.  Some students are going to Washington, DC to tour American, GWU, Georgetown and Howard University.  Other students will go to NYU, Cooper Union, Queens College, St John’s, and York College.  Your child must bring in a permission slip for these activities.  Below is the NYC trip permission slip.  Please make sure your child has returned a permission slip by Thursday, 10/8.  Children who do not return permission slips will stay at QC and go on “virtual” field trips using our laptops. 

Please contact your child’s advisor or Mr. McMahon with any questions or concerns. 


Chancellor’s Regulation   Parent Notification/Consent Form

Name ___________________________________________ Advisor: ____________________ 

School: Queens Collegiate

Trip Date: _October 8th & 9th, 2009

Trip Coordinator:  Ms. Ungar

Destination:  NYU/Cooper Union (Th); Queens College or St. John’s & York College (Fri)


Children may bring cell phones and other electronics on this trip. 

Departure Site:  Queens Collegiate         Departure Time: 8:30 AM

Return Site:  Queens Collegiate              Return Time:  2:30PM

Mode of Transportation:  Subway (Th), School bus (Fri)

Purpose of Trip:  College Tour/Team Building

Specific Clothing/Equipment required for this Trip: Uniform shirt & pants (Th); Uniform shirt & jeans (Fri); Umbrella; $5-10 for lunch if you choose to eat at the restaurant

This trip will include the following physical and sports activities:  Walking, touring colleges

I, the parent/guardian of the student named above, hereby give my permission for my child to take part in the school trip described above.

a) I understand that there are potential risks associated with the above-listed activities and I consent to my child’s participation in all activities except for the following:



b) Please indicate below any permanent or temporary medical or other condition including special dietary and medication needs, or the need for visual or auditory aids, which should be known about your child: ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

c) I understand that as a parent, if I believe it is necessary to limit my child’s activity to a great extent, then the school may not be able to accommodate my child on this trip and that I and my child will be informed of this decision as soon as possible upon the receipt by the school of this completed consent form.

d) I agree that in the event of an emergency injury or illness, the staff member(s) in charge of the trip may act on my behalf and at my expense in obtaining medical treatment for my child.

e) I am responsible for getting my child to and from the departure and return sites identified above. I understand that my child shall be accompanied by staff member(s) while traveling from the departure site to the destination site, and from the destination site to the return site.

f) I understand that it is within the school’s discretion to change travel, accommodations and other arrangements as it deems necessary. I will be informed of such changes as soon as practicable.

g) I understand that the school in arranging for my child’s travel and accommodation selected commercial airlines, trains, restaurants, hotels and other services whose performance and service cannot be controlled by the school. Consequently the school is not responsible for the actions of these commercial entities, including but not limited to lost luggage, unsatisfactory quarters, and refunds.

h) I understand that my child is expected to behave responsibly and to follow the school’s discipline code and policies.

i) I agree and understand that I am responsible for the actions of my child, and I release the school from all claims and liabilities that arise in connection with the trip, except if due to the negligence of school officials.

j) I understand that students who violate the school’s discipline code may be excluded by the school from participating in a trip. Additionally, I understand that if a serious or reported violation occurs while on the trip, it is within the school’s discretion to send my child home from the program, of which I will be informed. I understand if my child is sent home early, I am responsible for all costs associated with such early departure and forfeit any monies paid that are not refunded to the school.

k) In an emergency I can be reached at: Day phone: (__) _______ Evening Phone: (__) ________

Additional Contact: Name ______________Day phone: (__) _______ Evening Phone: (__) ________


l) I give my permission for my child to participate in this school trip.  I give permission for my child to be dismissed from:

______ 169th St. Subway Stop or ____ From the location (college)


_____________________________________________________ __________________

(Signature of Parent/Guardian)                                                (Date)


(to be signed by Middle School and High School students)

I have read this form and I understand that I am to act on this trip in the same responsible manner in which I am expected to conduct myself in school.


___________________________________________________ ________________________

(Signature of Student)                                                                          (Date)

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2 Responses to NYC College Permission Slip

  1. felicia Devine says:

    I tried to reach my daughter Amber Devine while on the Washington trip to see if she was ok. I did not get a response. This is her first time away without her parents. I understand the telephones would be collected at some point but i would think a chaperones number would be on the website or would have been provided? what happens in case of an emergency? Is there any one in contact with them?

    • Hello Mrs. Divine,
      This is Mrs Dubei. Thank you for your comment. I understand your concern.

      I am here in NYC but in contact with Mr McMahon & the other chaperones. All is well on the trip. Due to the recent rage of sending inappropriate texts (“s-xting”) they did collect phones. Should there be a true emergency that requires contact, you may call Mr McMahon’s cell phone: 917-365-8678. Please only call in a true emergency as he is busy running the trip.

      Phones will be returned early tomorrow AM.


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