Wonderful Opening! Dutch Legacy in NY400

Dear QC Community,

We have had a wonderful opening of school, as expected.  As part of our opening days, we have had 10 Dutch visitors accompanying our students to class and living in their homes.  It has been a colorful experience, learning about each others’ ideas, beliefs and values.

Our students, along with the students of Het College Vos, a high school in Vlaardingen, The Netherlands, have been putting together a 15 minute presentation on diversity and citizenship.  Tomorrow, they will make recommendations to the Dutch and American embassies via video on requirements for citizenship and diversity in both countries.

This is part of a larger project called “The Richness Within” where 2 schools are “twinned” to explore topics and create products.  The Baccalaureate School of Global Education from Astoria, Queens is twinned with Oostvaarders College in Almere, The Netherlands.  The third twin to this partnership is Libanon Lyceum in Rotterdam and Metropolitan Learning Center in Bloomfield, Connecticut.  All three twins will be visiting QC on 9/10 and 9/11 to create projects exploring citizenship, democracy and tolerance–values that are shared between Americans and the Dutch.

The exchange experience has been timed to coincide with the 400th Anniversary of Henry Hudson’s ride up the Hudson River in the Half Moon ship.  We are pleased to participate in this historic celebration, in a true and meaningful way.

Another Dutch school has taken the initiative to swim the harbor in Amsterdam and conquer other athletic feats, both in Holland and America, in celebration of the 400th anniversary.  We are proud to invite them to visit QC on Friday, 9/11/09.

They have kindly invited us to a celebration in NewAmsterdam Village (Bowling Green) on Saturday, at 12 noon. All QC students and their families are welcome, as the Dutch will present 4 QC student representatives with gifts of their athletic feats and will release flowers into the Hudson.  It is an extensive event with bands and other presentations.

For a calendar of all NY400 Events, please click here for a PDF calendar or here for the NY400 website.

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