New Student Orientation Permission Slip


June 14, 2009

Dear Parents,

We take very seriously the transition from 8th grade into 9th grade.  It is a major transition for our youth, and we want to make that transition as smooth as possible.  To assist our incoming 9th grade students, we are holding two new student orientations.  Your child has expressed interest in assisting us with inducting the new students into our QC community.  

Please sign below if you give your child permission to assist us with this important endeavor.

Educationally Yours,


Jaime Dubei

—————————–Tear Off————————————–

I, _________________________________, parent/guardian of _________________________, give my child permission to assist with new student orientation on the date(s) checked below.  I am aware that they will be present at the school, and the school will call me if my child does not make it to the meeting.  My child should wear the school uniform to this, as a model for the incoming freshmen.  Pizza will be provided on both occasions. 

___________ Wednesday, June 24 from 4:30-6:30PM

___________ Wednesday, September 2 from 11:00-2:00PM


Parent’s Signature                                                                                  Parent’s cell phone number 

I, ___________________________, want to participate in this opportunity.  I am aware that the incoming freshmen will be watching me and my behavior will be a model for those coming into our school.  _______________________________________

Student’s signature

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