Expansion Plans

Dear Parents, Students & Other QC Community Members,

As you know our community will double in size over the summer. We currently have 87 students in the 9th grade, and anticipate that our enrollment next year will be approximately 170 students.

Welcome to our incoming 9th grade students! Congratulations on your match to Queens Collegiate.

Some changes that will be occurring as part of the expansion:

  1. We will occupy all classrooms from room 301-314.  This gives us 8 classrooms, 1 main office, 2 smaller offices, and 1 community workspace.
  2. We are adding teachers in English, math, chemistry, special education, foreign language and possibly social studies.
  3. Students will have opportunities to meet at the BBQ on 6/20, or at the orientation on 6/24.  We will be holding more activities in August and September to create bonds between students, teachers and other community members.
  4. Our schedule will change from a MWF/TTh schedule to an Blue/White schedule.  Blue/White schedules mean that if Monday is an Blue day, then Tuesday is a White day.  If Friday is a Blue day, then Monday is a holiday, so Tuesday is a White day.  The days will continue to alternate, ensuring that holidays and other days off do not disrupt the educational process.  Many classes (i.e. English, math) will be offered the same period on Blue & White days so there is consistency across the schedule.  Advisory, electives, swimming, and a few other courses will primarily be affected by the Blue/White schedule.
  5. All class periods will be either 45 minutes or 90 minutes.  We will no longer have 60 minute periods.
  6. We are working on investigating new online gradebooks, to make it easier on the teachers and parents to get the information they need.  We will still have one, but we are looking for the right program.
  7. We are adding K-12 Alerts to our school.  They will be able to call, email or text all of our parents in under 2 minutes.  This will be essential in an emergency, but will also help get out basic information about report cards, PTA meetings and other information.  Look for the papers your child will receive with your username and password so you can update your information so we always have the right phone number and email.
  8. We are on Twitter! Follow us there @QCSchool
  9. Each room as we expand will continue to have an ActiveBoard and ActiveVotes for teacher and student use.  We hope this will continue to engage students.

We look forward to working with you to reach for your child’s success.  Should you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out to our staff.


Jaime Dubei


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