Report of the PTA meeting

At Monday’s PTA meeting, we had the following business:
1. We voted on shorts/capris as part of the uniform. We unianimously agreed that students can wear shorts/capris as part of the uniform with the following stipulations: a) it must be in QC colors; 2) they must cover the knee. If we see the top of the knee, the child will be required to change into QC pants or to have their parent bring clothes in for them. Girls may wear capris and bermuda shorts. Boys may wear knee-length shorts. Shorts that are too short or are out of QC colors are unacceptable.

2. We voted on Title I funding programs for next year. Voting was unianimous to have QC be a Title I School Wide Programs school, which means that we will use Title I funding to meet the needs of those in danger of failing, but we can also create enrichment programs that would benefit all members of the school community.

Lastly Officer Sepulveda visited from the 107th Precinct. He has worked with the PD for over 25 years. He spoke to us about the problems of sexting, bullying via the internet or phone, stealing, drugs, gangs and truancy. He gave us a wealth of information that we will make available to our school community members in the main office. At the very end of the night, we sang Happy Birthday to Mrs. Thompasionas, our PTA Co-President, and ate yummy dinner and strawberry shortcake.

Our next PTA meeting is Monday, May 11 from 7:30-8:30 pm in the QC/JHS library.

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