Upcoming Events

**March 12–1st collection of Magazine Sales.  If you sold 6, you are in the running for a $200 gift card.  If you sold 13, you get a limousine lunch on Long Island.  Please make all checks out to Queens Collegiate. If you do not want to buy a magazine, you can donate money to QC.  You may also buy a magazine subscription that could be sent to the school and used in a class.

**March 19–2nd collection of Magazine Sales.

**March 24–Flocabulary Assembly & Workshop to kick off the College Board Hip Hop Contest.  If you are interested in the workshop, please see Mrs. Macaluso to sign up.  There are only 30 seats for the workshop.

**March 25–3rd Magazine Sales Pick-up

**March 26–Field trip to the Metropolitan Museum of Art or the Museum of Modern History.  Please see Mr. Sklar if you have not yet registered your preference for the museum.

**April 9-19–Spring Break.  Students who need to recover credit will be asked to attend classes on Tues-Thurs of the vacation (April 14-16)

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