Upcoming Fun Events in January

  1. Cardboard Boat Race— Each year Jamaica HS runs a cardboard boat regatta where teams of students get together to design, build and race cardboard boats in the pool.  We’d love to make this a community event Team names, captains and advisors are due to Mr. Pecorino (JHS Science teacher) by January 15th. 
  2. Finals Week:  Students are allowed to dress down all week, or they may wear their QC uniforms.  It’s their choice.  Obviously, clothing must be appropriate for a school environment, and devoid of any disrespectful, revealing, or gang-related graphics or designs. 
  3. Field trip to Lincoln Center on Friday, January 30 to see a play, “100 years of American Humor”.  We will depart from QC at 8:45am.  Electronics are allowed.  Lunch: students should bring a bag lunch or money for food (suggested $10).  As always, students may receive lunch from the cafeteria prior to leaving, but this must be ordered before 1/20/09. 
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