Regents Week– An Explanation

Hello, my name is Gagandeep Singh. I am a student from Queens Collegiate. I wanted to know why we aren’t getting a week off for the regents week? I know that we are not taking any regents, but still why can’t we take the week off? As our science teacher, Mrs. Daniel said that “we have to follow the department of education(D.O.E), We are not to follow are on our own policies.” So why cant we? This is highly unfair.  

Dear Gagandeep and other students,

You have a valid concern. Most freshmen get the week “off” because the sophomores, juniors, and seniors are required to take Regents exams. Unfortunately, we do not have upper classmen who will be taking these exams. Therefore, the Chancellor has said that our school (and any others who are not giving Regents) must remain open for regular instruction.

The exact part of the rule is that 60% of our student body must be taking a Regents exam to shut the school down. Now Jamaica, Hillcrest, Edison and other schools may have 60% or more of their student body taking one or more Regents exams. We do not have that this year. Therefore, we are instructed to remain open for regular instruction.

Take heart to know that our instruction will include final exams, a necessary component for teachers to find out how you are progressing towards the Regents in June. These exams will help teachers to diagnose where you are performing well, and where they need to really work between February and June so that you are highly successful on the Regents. We may even have a field trip as part of exploratory learning during that week. We will make it worth your while to remain in school. Remember, we are striving for college acceptances and success at schools that you choose. This does not come easily, and often requires extra work.

I look forward to seeing you during Regents week.

Mrs. Dubei

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