Holiday Homework

We hope that each child enjoys their vacation and time with their family and loved ones.  Yet, we also know that it is important not to take a vacation from classwork.

English Assignment:

Due Monday, January 5, at the beginning of the period.  Please make arrangements to print before then.  Do not come and ask for Ms. Micillo to print.  If you have problems at home, email Ms. Micillo BEFORE Monday at

Assignment: Over the break you are to type a 5 paragraph essay on the CONS of school uniforms.

Things Ms. Micillo is looking for:

  • Clear topic sentences
  • Correct capitalization and pronoun use


  • Typed
  • Double spaced
  • 12 point, Times New Roman font
  • 1 inch margins all around

Integrated Algebra Assignment:

Read chapter 4 in the CPM text.  Be prepared for a quiz when you get back on Monday, January 5.

Geometry Assignment:

Enjoy the vacation! 

Science Assignment:

Enjoy the vacation! Ms. Daniel will be working in overdrive with you after the break.  Expect work each weekend, three-day weekend or vacation from January until the Regents exams in June. 

French Assignment:

Assignment will be posted shortly.

Drama Assignment:

Perfect your 2 minute pantomime story.  It should be a silent performance that clearly tells a story.  The story should have a distinct beginning, middle and end.  You may work alone or with a partner.

Photography Assignment:

Each student is to find and label photographs representing each of the following formats:

  • Advertising Photography
  • Fashion/Glamour Photography
  • Crime Scene Photography
  • Still Life Photography
  • Food Photography
  • Photojournalism
  • Portrait/Wedding Photography
  • Landscape Photography
  • Wildlife Photography

Sources for your assignment can be found in newspapers, magazines, internet or you can take your own pictures!

Journalism Assignment:

Watch the movie  “All the President’s Men”.  We showed it in class on Tuesday 12/23.  If you were not here, you can rent it from Blockbuster or Netflix.  Then answer the following 6 questions.

1. Woodward and Bernstein served as watchdogs of our government officials. What are some of the challenges they confronted as reporters unraveling the Watergate story?

2. How would you characterize Woodward and Bernstein’s reporting process? In what way did their actions exemplify ethical standards?

3. How did The Washington Post’s publisher and editors support Woodward and Bernstein?

4. What lessons does The Washington Post’s coverage of Watergate provide to journalists and the news media today?

5. Do you think that without Woodward and Bernstein (and the Washington Post), the story of Watergate would have been uncovered?  Why or why not?

6. Do you think the movie was an accurate portrayal of journalism and an accurate retelling of what happened with Woodward and Bernstein?

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2 Responses to Holiday Homework

  1. Kevin says:

    Does anyone have Mr.Erskine’s email?

  2. Tom says:

    I noticed your post under Geometry dealing with fractions. Another source of help for Fractions is available on line at A fractions video lesson can be downloaded at that might be helpful. It is reasonably priced and is about an hour long.

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