Credit accumulation

Queens Collegiate is on a semester model, which means that credit is given to students twice per year for their academic success.   This is similar to the college model, where courses run from September-January and then from February-June.  January 27 is the end of the 1st semester, which will be when we determine which credits your child has earned.

By NY State requirements, a student must sit in a class for 54 hours per credit.  Excessive absences means that your child will not acquire 54 hours per credit, which means that we cannot award the credit to your child.  Please ensure that your child is at school daily, on time.

Credit is determined by grades from the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd marking periods, in addition to a final exam.  Students must average a 65% to acquire credit for the 1st semester.

Currently courses are worth:

English– 1 credit

Global I– 1 credit

Science (Earth or Living Environment)– 1.25 credits

Integrated Algebra– 1 credit

Geometry– 1 credit

French– 1 credit

Advisory– 1 credit

Journalism– 1/2 credit

French culture– 1/4 or 1/2 credit (depends how many periods you have it)

Drama– 1/2 credit

Photography– 1/4 credit

Extra help courses– 1/4 credit

During the 2nd semester (Feb-June) electives will be worth up to 1 credit, if a child has it 4 periods per week.  This semester double period electives were less than a credit, because we only ran then for 10 weeks, instead of 18 weeks.

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