Ice Skating or Movies

Over the past two weeks our teachers have participated in extensive training on Assessment for Learning, which means that they are learning how to better determine exactly what your child knows, what they need to learn next which means that they can then teach only what they need–not what they already know.  I think of it as a doctor prescribing medicine– they only prescribe what you need, not what “typical” patients need. 

To celebrate their accomplishments, and the end of endless substitutes, we are taking a field trip to Rockefeller Center and to Wollman Rink in Central Park on Wednesday, December 10.  We will leave QC at 8:45am and return by 2:45pm.  The cost is $15 + lunch (either a bag lunch or money for lunch).  Permission slips are due to Mr. Sklar on Monday, 12/8.

Some children may not want to go on a field trip.  For those who choose to stay at QC, we will be doing some educational work and watching movies on the ActiveBoards.  This will be free. 

Either way, Wednesday will be a Dress down day– no uniform required.

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