Packing List for Boston

September 23, 2008


Each child should bring the following on the trip to Boston, October 2 & 3:


    1. A sack lunch for Thursday on the bus
    2. $5-10 for dinner Friday at a rest stop
    3. 2 uniform shirts with QC patches
    4. Jeans for Friday
    5. Sweater or sweatshirt (uniform colors, hoodies must have QC patch)
    6. Jacket
    7. Sufficient undergarments
    8. Comfortable sneakers and socks
    9. Umbrella or poncho, in case of rain
    10. Necessary shower supplies (soap, shampoo, wash cloth, etc.)
    11. Shower shoes (flip flops or other shoes to wear in the shower)
    12. Toothbrush & toothpaste
    13. Necessary hygienic supplies (deodorant, etc.)
    14. Pajamas or appropriate clothing to sleep in
    15. A pillow, if you prefer your own
    16. If you choose to bring electronics, you & your parent must fill out and sign a declaration form.  If the form is not filled out completely and signed, then you will not be permitted to bring the electronics. 


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call 718-658-4016 or email

Best regards,


Jaime Dubei

Principal IA


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