FAQs on the Boston Trip

September 22, 2008


Dear Parents & Guardians,


We have received many questions regarding the upcoming Boston trip.  The frequently asked questions are:


  1. When do I need to bring in my permission slip?

As soon as possible, but definitely before Monday, September 29, 2008.  The permission slips show us exactly how many beds and buses we need to reserve.  We are currently reserving 100 seats at great expense to accommodate all students and expect that all students will attend. 


  1. What if my child does not go on this trip?

It is highly recommended that your child attend.  Your child will receive credit for going on this trip.  A college tour is designed to broaden students’ visions of colleges and to further bond our advisories together.  This is a pivotal experience for our school, in building a culture that values strong relationships and college experiences.  It would be unfortunate to have students select not to be a part of that experience.  Students who do not attend this trip must attend school. 


  1. What if I cannot pay the $55?

Please call Mrs. Dubei or Mr. McMahon.  We do not want to exclude any children due to costs.  We want all children to attend. 


  1. Is my child safe?

Yes.  We have done trips similar to these at other schools in our experience with the Department of Education.  We are using Department of Education contracted bus services, and a reputable hostel in the Boston area.  They have served school groups before, and can accommodate our needs.  Additionally, we will have administrator, nearly every teacher and a few parent chaperones on this trip. 


  1. Can our children bring electronics on the trip?

Yes, but all electronics must be declared on the QC Declaration of Electronics form (attached).  Neither QC nor the DOE, will assume responsibility if the electronics are lost, missing, stolen or damaged while the child is on the trip. 


  1. Why are QC students wearing the uniform on a trip?

Even though we are travelling, students are still hard at work learning about themselves and their college. Uniform clothing will help us to recognize our students, increasing our safety, as we travel around campuses and around Boston.  Students will be allowed to wear jeans with a QC shirt on Friday, as usual. 

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