Declaration of Electronics on the Field Trip


I, _______________________________, the parent of ____________________________________, know and understand that my child is bringing the following electronics on a school trip to Boston on October 2 & 3, 2008.  I realize that Queens Collegiate, the NYC Department of Education, nor the College Board will be held responsible for my child’s electronics in the case that it is lost or damaged during this trip. 

My child is bringing the following electronics:

Type of electronic device (cell phone, iPod, etc.)

Manufacturer of this model

Model name or number

(i.e. iPod Nano or Blackberry Pearl)

Color or other distinguishing features


















By signing below, I understand that my child is bringing the aforementioned electronics.  I do not hold the school accountable or responsible for these devices. 

____________________________________________                           ___________________________

Parent’s Name                                                                                                  Parent’s Signature


By signing below, I recognize that I am responsible for these electronic devices.  I realize that the school will not be accountable if the device(s) are missing, lost, or otherwise damaged. 


____________________________________________                           __________________________

Child’s Name                                                                                                     Child’s Signature

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