Student Input

Maria wrote:

I also will be starting HS in QC but I was wondering since this year will be the first year of the school; will the kids be able to pick the classic things? Such as school colors, school logo or can we fix up the school website. I am not sure if these decisions have already been decided. I was just wondering.

Great question!  Students will have quite a bit of say in many decisions that happen at Queens Collegiate.  We believe in building critical thinking skills and the ability to negotiate and compromise.  These are skills you will need in the future.

Now the short answers:  our school colors and logo have already been designed by our graphic designers at the College Board, and are plastered all over the school, on brochures, uniform shirts, flyers, brochures, etc.

Yet we still have many areas that we need student input.  Our website is probably the most in need of attention and design.  It’s out of date, and doesn’t even have our correct school colors.  (Our colors are navy, royal and white).

We will also be looking for students to:

  • Serve on the Student Council
  • Tutor their peers, and we’d love to have 1 or 2 students organizing this effort
  • Year 2, we will have a Big Bro/Big Sis type program with 10th graders helping incoming 9th and 6th graders get acclimated.

This is just the beginning.  The possibilities are endless.

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