Student Support Services

To support each child in their quest for higher education, we have implemented the following:

1. RoadMap goal setting sessions—Before October 31, all students should have a RoadMap completed with their advisor and parent(s). This document will help each child to focus on their area of progress and help our staff to support that growth. Mrs. Dubei will be reaching out to some students during the summer to accomplish this goal setting.

2. Advisory program—Each child will be assigned an advisor who will support their efforts in school. This person is the parent’s contact to information about the child’s progress in school.

3. Online grading system—In September, we will send home information regarding online grading. Each parent and child can opt for their own log in so they can check grades each night.

4. Guidance counselor support for counseling, crisis intervention and advisory support. Should the child have a crisis in school, the guidance counselor will be available in addition to the advisor.

5. Extracurricular activities and interscholastic sports are available for students to find creative outlets.

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