Graduation Requirements

There are three categories that a student must pass to graduate from Queens Collegiate.  The three categories are required credits, required Regents and portfolio defense.

Credit requirements to graduate from Queens Collegiate:

· 8 credits of English courses

· 8 credits of Social Studies courses

· 6 credits of Science coursework

· 6 credits of Math coursework

· 6 credits of World Languages

· 4 credits of Physical Education

· 2 credits of Arts classes (Art, Dance, Theater or Music)

· 1 credit of Health

44 total credits, including electives

Exams required for an Advanced Regents Diploma:

· English Regents

· Global History Regents

· American History Regents

· Living Environment Regents

· Chemistry, Earth Science or Physics Regents

· Algebra Regents

· Geometry Regents

· Algebra II/Trigonometry Regents

· World Language Regents

Portfolio Requirement: All students are required to submit and defend a portfolio of work that shows their growth while at Queens Collegiate. This should include work from the 2 Advanced Placement courses and community service experiences.

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