Dress Code information

All students are expected to be in dress code each day. Dress code is created with the purpose of ensuring that students understand that school is preparing them for their future in college and the workforce.


  • White, Navy or Royal Polo Shirt
  • White or Navy button down shirt

Shirts should have the school logo, and be void of any stripes or other decoration. Plain color shirts are acceptable as long as they are in school colors and do not have other decoration.

Sweaters & Sweatshirts:

  • Navy, royal, white or grey sweaters are allowed
  • Only Queens Collegiate hoodies will be allowed
  • Hoods may not be worn on the head in school


  • Navy or khaki pants are to be worn each day, unless it is Friday or a designated “Dress down day”
  • Navy blue jeans are allowed on Fridays, but must be worn with the uniform shirt. Jeans will not be allowed as part of the uniform Monday through Thursday.

Skirts for the ladies:

  • Navy or khaki shirts are allowed, but must reach within 1” of the knee.
  • Miniskirts are not allowed, even with tights.


  • Dress shoes are preferred, but solid colored sneakers in black, white, brown or navy are acceptable. Shoes with “bling” are not acceptable.

Physical Education uniforms:

  • A Queens Collegiate T shirt with navy shorts
  • Sneakers must be worn, unless it is inappropriate for the sport played

Skip from Fine Products will be our exclusive manufacturer and salesperson for Queens Collegiate apparel. He can be reached at 845-651-4020 x 122 or 1800-820-8033. His email is skip@fineproducts.net

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3 Responses to Dress Code information

  1. sss says:

    i will be attneding QC. I got my supply list, but what is suppose to be in my gym bag and considered as sppropriate hygiene items?
    Thanks in advance

  2. melissa says:

    – okay i will be attending qc this following spetember and i want to know more about the extra activites you guys have as in dance singing.. and so on..

    • Hi Melissa,
      In the HS school, we have 24 sports teams, including just about everything except gymnastics. We also have chorus, theater, art and dance as part of our regular school day, and Drama Club afterschool. There are bands formed through the other school, which you can participate in, if you wish. There are also clubs built into the 9th grade advisory time. We also offer students opportunities to serve within the community.

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