On the storming of the Capitol

Good evening QC Families, 

In light of the storming of the Capitol today, the Chancellor has said: 

As Principal of Queens Collegiate, I echo the Chancellor’s sentiments.  I condemn this violence and reaffirm that we will never stop teaching our students the true meaning of democracy, which occurs in free and fair elections. 

Social studies teachers will be making space for discussion about these events.  We will continue as an entire QC Family to check in on our students and give them spaces, in classrooms and outside of them, to express their thoughts and find ways to productively move forward. 

As a school we reaffirm our commitment to our children.  We are better together.  

Be safe and be well, 

Ms. Dubei 

Welcome back! Updates

Good day, QC Family!

I hope everyone is having a happy and healthy January 2021. Tomorrow, we return to school. The calendar for January is found below.

As of Sunday, Jan 3 at 5:30PM, the Chancellor has not announced when middle or high schools will reopen for blended learning, thus we remain in 100% remote learning and on our 100% remote schedule.

We are 3 weeks away from the end of the 3rd MP and the end of the 1st term. Please make sure your grades are where you want them to be. For our high school students, grades will contribute to the overall term grade, which will be seen on the transcript by colleges and jobs throughout your career.

As we come into the new term, we are gearing up for Career Readiness Week. Be on the lookout for details in the coming weeks.

Happy January!
Ms. Dubei

Chancellor’s Letters on Admissions

Good morning,

Today, Chancellor Carranza asked principals to send these letters home on MS and HS admissions policies for the upcoming September.

Additionally the QC website for MS and HS admissions is here. We will have a special meeting for QC 8th grade families on Monday, 12/20 at 6:30PM. At this meeting, we will detail the HS application process and give you information about QCHS.

You can find the text of the Chancellor’s letters below in PDF or on the DOE website here.

Chancellor’s Message on Inclement Weather

 Dear Families,

I hope you are safe and well.  As we head into winter, it’s likely we will have inclement weather that in an ordinary year would cause all schools to close for teaching and learning. This year, if a snowstorm or other weather demands that school buildings close, all schools will still conduct remote learning on that day. All students will be expected to log on and engage with their work from home as they do on other days when they learn remotely. Middle and high school students who are already learning remotely every day are expected to attend school remotely, regardless of the weather. 

The ability to teach and learn remotely across the system allows us to continue learning despite inclement weather closures. You will still be notified as usual when we are closing buildings due to weather, but these will not be days off from learning. 

Your school will stay in close communication with you regarding the upcoming snowstorm predicted to affect New York City beginning the evening of Wednesday, December 16. Please note that extra meals will be available on Tuesday, December 15, and Wednesday, December 16 to take home. 

Please do not hesitate to contact your principal if you have any questions. 


Richard A. Carranza


New York City Department of Education

8th grade families

Good day, QC Families, 

It is finally that time– HS applications!  The DOE sent you a mailing on Friday that includes your MySchools password for the application.  Once you get that letter, you can sign into the website and begin to put together your application.  

Ms. Bello will be providing a video that you can watch asynchronously and some live appointments where you can ask questions and get answers.  

As a 6-12 school, your child is guaranteed a space in our 9th grade class for next year.  You can find our HS Open House information below.  We will be running a special open house for our current 8th grade families so you can see what is the same at QC in the HS and what changes.  Please join us on Monday, December 21 at 6:30PM.   

As someone who went through high school admissions three times in the last five years, I know the stress.  I can only imagine doing this virtually.  Please know that we are here to support you and your child and will continue to do so.  

All the best, 

Ms. Dubei

For 9th grade Admissions/Open Houses:

Our PSAL page is found here.

Principal’s Weekly Update

Good day, QC Families!

I hope you are well and safe this cold December day. As we prepare for the next few weeks, here are a few things on my mind.

We sent a mailing out to all QC families on Friday afternoon. It includes a newsletter (linked here), your child’s MP2 report card, their New Visions data report, and any other pertinent information. Please check your physical mailbox for these important papers.

We want to hear from you– the parents and guardians. Please complete this survey here by December 31.

We have committed to daily remote live instruction every period, every day. This means that at the top of each period, we will have a live Meet/Zoom to check in, and then the class will progress. Some days the teacher will instruct live for 15-25mins. Other days, the teacher will release the children to work in groups or independently. We believe that the routine of participating in class, especially a check-in, is important for all of us. It helps everyone to “see” each other virtually. There may be days where teachers post on the stream that class will not occur, and students should work on the assignment. These days should be few and far between, but will allow children to catch up, and allow teachers to work forward.

Our calendars are below. On 12/18 and 12/23, we may have different schedules than normal. Teachers will be updating you on the grade based classrooms and in the normal classrooms.

We are in the third marking period. For our high school students, credit will be awarded in the beginning of February for the first term. Please make sure your grades are where you want them to be. Any grade of an NX means that the child is not currently passing the class. NX grades mean that you may need to retake the course in the future, which may delay your graduation.

Attendance is important for a child’s success. Statistically a child who attends school 90+ percent of the time has a better chance to graduate high school on time, and a better chance at a successful career. Our teachers can work magic to prepare your child when they are in the classrooms. Missing more than 1 day per month puts on-time graduation at risk. If your child is sick or needs to be absent, please email absentstudent@queenscollegiate.org to notify us. If you have a doctor’s note or other justification, please snap a picture and email it to us. Missing more than 2 days per month is concerning and will have impacts.

Lastly, there will be a food pick up on December 17 for any family in the Jamaica, Queens area who needs food. Please do not hesitate to come pick it up. Details will be shared on PupilPath and Remind.

We appreciate you, your child(ren) and the desire to continue to remain connected in this very difficult time. We know that the double pandemic is extremely taxing– especially for our QC Family members who are essential workers. Please know that we are here– we support you and stand beside you.

–Ms. Dubei

Google outage

Good morning!
Due to a worldwide Google outage, classes may be impacted today. If your class regularly meets in Google Meet, they will resume once the issue is resolved. Classes in Zoom should not be impacted. Google classroom is impacted so once the issue is resolved we can resume normally.